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Kohlhaas Cattle Co. - A quality Show Cattle Program in Lu Verne, Iowa
Kohlhaas Cattle Co. - A quality Show Cattle Program in Lu Verne, Iowa
Kohlhaas Cattle Co. - A quality Show Cattle Program in Lu Verne, Iowa
Welcome to Kohlhaas Cattle Company
  Kohlhaas Cattle Co. - A quality Show Cattle Program in Lu Verne, Iowa Kohlhaas Cattle Company is a three generation family grain
and cattle farm located in Lu Verne, Iowa. Over the past 20 years, we
have developed a respected program with proven consistency in the
show ring
. Throughout this time, we have remained committed to
purchasing and exhibiting market heifers that also make suitable Club
Calf Cows
, which has built upon and contributed toward the growth of
our high quality herd today. Our Herd Sires represent the top genetics
in the industry, helping us to offer outstanding Sale Cattle.

Kohlhaas Cattle Company is honored to be a part of the Pro
Tour Cattle Sale
, which is a group of 15 reputable breeders whom
annually offer 500 head of top quality calves selected from over
1,200 cows located in North Central/North West Iowa region.

Whether you are looking for a calf for the county fair to the state
fair, we are committed to understanding your goals and being your
partner for success. We welcome you to visit the farm to see the
calves in person or contact us anytime. Follow us on social media for
the latest photos and updates about our calves!
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  Kohlhaas Cattle Co. - A quality Show Cattle Program in Lu Verne, Iowa   Congrats Boersen Family!
Exhibiting Tag 1 from our 2016 Pasture Sale at the 2017 Michigan Livestock Expo!
Sold by Morrow Show Steers, Goretska Show Steers, and
RCC / Wade Rodgers Cattle Co.
Raised by Kohlhaas Cattle
  Kohlhaas Cattle Co. - A quality Show Cattle Program in Lu Verne, Iowa   Evolving to Meet Demand is Key to this FarmHer’s Success
Posted on May 12, 2017 by: Her smile couldn’t be more genuine. Her eyes truly light up when she’s talking about Violet, or Squeak, or Idgie. She’s doing what she loves and loving what she does.

Meet FarmHer Amber Kohlhaas, who spends her 40-hour (or more) work week as Communications manager for Hagie Manufacturing and her “time off” with the animals she loves. She and her husband, Jason, live on his family’s Century Farm near Lu Verne, Iowa, where they raise a variety of cattle, as well as other furry and feathered creatures.

“Regardless of whether you are exhibiting 4-H beef, swine, sheep or any other livestock project, the same challenges apply and the same life lessons can be learned,” says Amber Kohlhaas, who grew up on a grain and livestock farm in neighboring Hancock County. “As long as you are passionate and committed to working hard, there are endless opportunities to grow your passions and unleash your full potential.” [READ MORE]
  Be Real, Advises this FarmHer and AgVocate
Posted on May 15, 2017 by: Last Friday on The Field Position, we introduced you to beef producer Amber Kohlhaas and her husband, Jason, of Lu Verne, Iowa. Amber is a kindred spirit to those of us, who are passionate about the quality of crops and livestock we produce. Keep reading to learn why she believes it’s so important for all of us to share our stories with our urban friends.

“From my experience, opening your mind to new opportunities can help to identify and reaffirm your passions,” says Amber. “All my life, I was around agriculture. It was all I knew. There came a moment that I questioned if agriculture was truly my passion or whether it was my passion because it is all I had ever known. I originally set out to obtain a degree in Marketing from Iowa State’s College of Business. Then I experienced a lightbulb moment that reaffirmed where my heart and true passions truly lied. It didn’t take me long in business school to recognize that I am most engaged and passionate about agriculture, which led me to switch to the College of Agriculture.” [READ MORE]
  For more pictures and information, please view our Sale page.  
  Grand Champion overall
2016 MI Winter Classic
Sold as Tag 1, BIM in our 2016 Pasture Sale
  Champion High % Maine heifer
2016 Iowa State Fair
Congratulations Madison Conrad!
  Kohlhaas Cattle Co. - A quality Show Cattle Program in Lu Verne, Iowa   Show Bound Series from Successful Farming
Follow Grace Tusha and her family’s journey exhibiting in their final year of showing club calves. A long-time partner with Kohlhaas Cattle Company, we could not be more proud of the Tusha family for their hard work, dedication and commitment to achieving success in the show ring. Thank you for your partnership and friendship! Follow more from the Show Bound series.

View the Tusha family journey to the show ring.

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